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Five Ways To Support The Arts In Georgia

Monday, May 18, 2015 9:00 AM

Recently WXIA-TV, Atlanta’s NBC affiliate, ran an in-depth story on the challenges that Georgia’s arts organizations face in light of the limited support they receive from public sources. In fact, the story notes that Georgia has the dubious distinction of ranking dead last among states in its support of the arts.

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Below are five ways you can support the arts in Georgia:

  • Attend performances and exhibits and let your friends and family know about them as well. Atlanta’s vibrant and diverse arts community offers something for everyone.

  • Volunteer your time with an arts organization. With limited resources, many arts organizations depend on volunteer efforts, providing opportunities for ushers, greeters, and community ambassadors. Volunteers play an essential role in inspiring and engaging arts organization patrons onsite and off. To volunteer at the Woodruff Arts Center, click here.

  • Involve your children in the arts. Almost all arts organizations have an educational component, whether they’re teaching acting, dance, music, or even performing for students. And there are numerous studies that show that exposure to the arts at an early age helps students’ academic performance.

  • Advocate for the arts with your local or state government representatives.

  • Provide financial support. Non-profit arts organizations rely heavily on philanthropic support from corporations, foundations and individuals, and no amount is too small. To donate to the Woodruff Arts Center, click here.