Photography Policy

Alliance Theatre

Photography and video recording devices are prohibited in the Alliance Theatre. No photos or recordings may be taken inside the theater. This policy applies to the Alliance Stage and Hertz Stage, as well as other performance spaces unless otherwise noted.

For all media inquiries, please contact Kathleen Covington, Brand Content Strategist, via email at

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Photography and video recording devices are prohibited in Symphony Hall.

For all media inquiries, please contact Tammy Hawk, Director of Communications, via email at

High Museum of Art

Photographer in the Galleries

Professional photographers must be accompanied by an HMA staff member to ensure that the artwork remains safe during the shoot. All photographic equipment, lights, gear, etc. must remain a safe distance from artwork at all times, and the use of flash photography is prohibited at all times.

Permanent Collection

Still photography is permitted in the High’s permanent collection galleries for private, non-commercial use.

Wide shots that capture the architecture and multiple works of art are generally permitted and have no copyright concerns. The exception is the ModCon galleries (Wieland Skyway); permission may be needed for non-High Museum uses.

All photos of this nature should be credited as “Courtesy High Museum of Art.”

Copy shots of single artworks are not permitted.

Visitors must obtain a photography permit in order to use a camera in the galleries, and permits can be obtained from the Security Officer at the main entrance.

Special Exhibitions

In general, photography in special exhibitions is restricted by contractual agreements with the lender(s) and insurance/indemnity requirements. Media coverage of the exhibition itself, editorial reviews, etc. are permitted if the photographer is accompanied by an HMA staff member. Photography by the public and third-parties is not permitted without special permission or unless otherwise noted in the galleries.

For all media inquires, including interest in professional photography, images of specific works of art or additional questions, please contact Kristie Swink Benson, Director of Communications, via email at

The Woodruff Arts Center

Photos of The Woodruff Arts Center exterior and inside The Woodruff Arts Center’s Memorial Arts Building Galleria (lobby area) are permitted for private, non-commercial use. 

For all media inquires, please contact Kate Robson, Director of Development Communications, via email at