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Eleanor Tarvin

Eleanor Tarvin is a Human Resource professional who has spent 20+ years helping businesses balance the needs of the organization and those of individual employees. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, she was educated at Brown University, in Providence Rhode Island where she majored in Social Psychology, and Auburn University, Auburn Alabama where her major course of study was retail marketing.

Eleanor has served in a number of capacities throughout her career, including Human Resource Director for Rich's; Federated Department Stores, Marshall's/TJMax Southeastern Distribution Division, and Textron Corporation. She has also served as a consultant to the Toyota Corporation on the topic of organization values.

Throughout her career, it has been Eleanor's personal goal to help organizations understand that the needs of the organization and those of its employees do not have to be mutually exclusive. It should be the mission of the Human Resources leadership to help the organization to keep its overall goals and its employees connected.