1.Please visit:


2. Select “Install VMware Horizon Client” which will redirect to a download page.


3. Select “Go to Downloads” next to the device that matches your device.


4. Select “Download”“

5. Installation will begin and will ask you to restart your PC. Make sure all documents are saved and applications are closed.


6. Once your computer reboots, an Horizon Client Icon will appear on your desktop. Double click it.


7. Select the top left “+ Add server” 


8. When prompted to enter a connection server input then select “Connect”


9. Double click the highlighted blue square server that will appear

10. Select “Accept” for the disclaimer box that will appear.


11. Log in with your desktop credentials (desktop user name and password)


12. You will then be logged into your Virtual Desktop


13. A grey browser bar at the top will allow you to change between your environments.